Frequently Asked Questions

No. To use our system you have to buy a membership plan.

Our system is user friendly. This means that it has been developed to be intuitive for the user to easily use.
To decrypt a file you simply:
1. Login in your user account that has an active member plan;
2. Access the decoder page;
3. Select the files;
4. Click on execute;
5. One or more web addresses will appear to download the files. (Depending if you sent one or more files to decrypt).
The process is quick, simple and easy.

Account activation is instantaneous. When you’ve completed the payment the system will activate the account immediately.

The only method of payment that we have available is paypal. We don’t supply any other method of payment. However, if you’re interested in another one contact our team through the contact form.

No. Your information is only exclusively in our system and, in no context, will they be shared.

No. Each account is for one person only. Sharing your account goes against terms of usage. We keep the right to cancel the account.

It depends. We will try to always answer as soon as possible. The answering time will never go over 24 hours.

This FAQ can be updated if there is different users that post the same question several times.